Timex MK1 Aluminum California Watch

Yellow Dial/Black Strap
Your dad probably wore a Timex... and his dad probably did, too. There's a lot we dig about their watches in general, and this model is part of their military-inspired MK1 collection. It's simple and rugged and functional, in a lightweight aluminum casing with some cheerful colors to punch things up a bit. If the yellow face isn't enough of a twist, and you want to further differentiate yours from your dad's (or your grandfather's, as it were,) swap out the included nylon band with a cheap and cheerful ZULU strap.

The Specs

  • acrylic crystal lens
  • anodized aluminum casing
  • quartz analog movement
  • INDIGLO® night light
  • case width: 40mm
  • strap width: 20mm
  • water-resistant up to 30m
  • included nylon band
  • import

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