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Sid Mashburn Gift Certificate

 ($25.00 - $5,000.00 )

The most convenient gift of all — purchase one in any amount you like, for anyone you like. Even yourself! There's no second-guessing, no amounts to keep track of (we handle that part,) and it's always the right size. You have the option of an electronic gift certificate, which is sent via email, or a physical gift certificate, which looks like the card pictured above. Either way, you can have it sent directly to your recipient, or to yourself first if you prefer to hand it off. If you want an email gift certificate to be sent immediately, make sure the "SCHEDULE SENDING ON" field is blank — otherwise, it will go out between 1AM-4AM on the selected date.

(Keep in mind that residents of certain states will have to pay sales tax when redeeming online — so if your gift is intended for use toward a specific item, you may want to throw a few extra dollars on the card, depending on your recipient's location.)

The Specs

Gift certificates purchased through our online shop may be used either online or in our brick-and-mortar shops. (Likewise, gift certificates purchased in our brick-and-mortar shop can be used in-store and online — please contact us so that we can issue an online code.)

More Questions?

We'd love to help. Speak with our Customer Experience Team at 1-855-MASHBURN, or contact us here. For reference, you are viewing item