Free & Easy

April 2014

"A suit to me is a uniform that can be accepted in any occasion, situation or setting. When you wear a suit, people will have a good impression of you. They are going to think, 'who is that person dressed so distinctively in a formal?'. I choose and coordinate what I'm going to wear by checking the weather and temperature of that day. And with that in mind, I dress a little lighter. And the way I choose or make a point of wearing a suit is, 'does this (style) fit the people around me'. I think it's showing respect to the people that I'm around (with). 
As a tailor/designer of suits, my rule is for the suit to look natural and for the person that's wearing it to feel natural. And also, it has to be a natural shoulder - full canvas construction. And it needs to be fit to the body with only a minimum extra space for comfort. It also needs to be 2 ply x 2 ply material. I think Dick Van Dyke from the early to mid-sixties is a suit style icon. (A person with style that I respect).
I get excited every time I get a brand new suit. When a man gets a new suit is when that person is diving into a new life. It can be a new job, marriage, or finishing a diet. I want to be wearing a cool and comfortable suit(s) every milestone or special moment in my life."