A perfectly-fitting shirt can be found anywhere. Sometimes it’s an old button-down from Norman Shirtmakers that belonged to your dad. Sometimes it’s a Trimingham one-off you found in a Salvation Army (and, of course, could never find again.) And sometimes it’s a full-on Jermyn Street bespoke shirt that cost a good portion of your paycheck. But there’s some unpredictability when you have to just stumble upon your personal shirting holy grail. (Is this the master tailor measuring you, or just the apprentice? will SA maybe have another gem? what happens when your dad’s falls apart from age?). And mainly: what do you do when you need another one?

The romance of a shirt made just for your body is pretty cool, and we think it’s the only way to nail every man’s ideal fit. We set out to create a made-to-measurement program that was rooted in a designer’s, a tailor’s, and an engineer’s collective point of view. Not a marketer, or a brand specialist, or a corporate strategist, but people with a deep and profound understanding of the human body, of tailoring, of stitches per inch and French seams and the right amount of interlining to make the collar act just the way you like it. That means subtle tweaks to the patterning process that – we think – yield a well-fitting shirt every time, for every man, asymmetrical shoulders and right-handed wristwatch and all.

Because a great shirt makes everything look and feel better – your suit, your tie, your belt, even your hair. It’s a foundational piece (almost literally). We always say that you don’t need a lot of choices – just the right choices – and we think our made-to-measurement program embodies that idea. Fifty-some fabrics, five collars, and a few more features that we’ve vetted and pored over and want to make work for you, whatever that looks like. Maybe that’s a slimmer cut than our standard, or a slit in the pocket for your favorite pen. Maybe it’s just a plaid that you love.

We believe in economy – economy of time, economy of mind, economy of wallet. So we structured our program with two paths for two different mindsets: the quick fix – for the guy who wants to get in & out the proverbial door with as few decisions as possible, and then a real journey – for the guy who wants to get deep into options and really take his time going through different fabrics and pockets and cuffs. You have the choice at the very beginning of going as the crow flies, or taking the more scenic route. Whichever path you take, you’ll end up with what we think is a really great shirt that’s been made just for you.

You probably wear a shirt every day — and a custom one shouldn’t be this rarefied luxury. While it should feel special and thoughtful and, yes, completely unique… it should feel, most of all, approachable. It's your own. And we want everyone to have one. One that feels good against your skin, one that looks good under your jacket, one that makes you feel like you can make the grade, close the deal, and get the girl.
Let’s make you that shirt.