Here is how it works


Go through the steps below to select the fabric and features of your perfect shirt — you can either breeze through, or really peruse the options.


If you’re not a perfect stock size, you can take your own measurements, or schedule a gratis in-person or online fitting with us to get your best fit.


We use those measurements to create a custom pattern just for you – in fact, we’ll keep it on file for simple reordering.

Cut & Sew

Our factory uses that pattern to create your shirt, using 22 stitches per inch, single-needle tailoring, German interlinings and New Zealand Trocas shell buttons.


Your finished shirt is checked (and checked and checked) against the pattern and your measurements, first on the line, then at inspection, and then again in-house.


We ship your finished shirt to you, where (we hope) you’ll love it and hang it in your closet... or, better yet, put it on right away.