MTM Gift Certificate

 ($25.00 - $5,000.00 )

Give the gift of a made-to-measurement shirt. (Or two!) (Or five!) Because even if you knew exactly which fabric he wanted, it’s pretty hard to surreptitiously measure someone without spoiling the surprise. Better to just let him go through the process himself. You can give as many shirts as you like, in any denomination you like, all on one card. The shirts come in six price tiers: $140, $150, $170, $180, $190, and $210 — if you’ve got something specific in mind for your recipient, you can check out the fabric options here. The MTM gift card comes in a miniature muslin bag with his name handwritten on the front, as well as redemption instructions included with your custom gift note. We even include a tape measure so that he can get started right away.

(Keep in mind that recipients located in CA, DC, GA, NC, NY, SC, and TX will have to pay sales tax when redeeming — if he's located in one of those states, you may want to throw a few extra dollars on the card.)

The Specs

Gift certificates purchased through our online shop may be used either online or in our brick-and-mortar shops. (Likewise, gift certificates purchased in our brick-and-mortar shop can be used in-store and online — please contact us so that we can issue an online code.)

More Questions?

We'd love to help. Speak with our Customer Experience Team at 1-855-MASHBURN, or contact us here. For reference, you are viewing item GC00032