Gransfors Bruks Small Forest Axe



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We get a lot of questions about these. Mainly, "you guys make clothes, why do you sell axes?" And "are these real?" We understand the confusion — apparently these are hard to come by — but the simple answer (along with yes, it's authentic) is that we really like best-of-the-best items, whether that's tuxedos or chopping tools. And Gransfors Bruk has been making axes for over a hundred years. They've figured it out! Their forge in Sweden is open to the public, so there are no secrets... just a really killer finished product. The leather sheath is vegetable-tanned to kill bacteria from your hands (you never know what you might pick up in the wild) and the handle is fully-dried hickory, which is soaked in linseed oil, then coated with beeswax to protect and prevent cracking. This particular one is designed to cut against the grain, and excellent for limbing and felling trees.

The Specs

  • hickory handle
  • steel blade
  • leather sheath
  • 19" length
  • 2lb weight
  • Sweden

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