Sid happens to be a pretty big football fan. He might have even chosen to trade his future design career for the chance to play in college... if he were good enough. Luckily, he stuck to clothes. Since Atlanta is the locus of all things related to the Big Game, it's a good time to share some inside play calling. But he loves his adopted hometown, and he's rounded up his favorite spots for like-minded fans in town for the game. We kept things close to the stadium... and we call the Westside home, so maybe we're biased. ;) Welcome to Atlanta – one of the greatest cities in the world.
- Ann & Sid Mashburn



  • Silver Skillet: No-frills diner & so good it often doubles as a movie set. (See: Remember the Titans.) An ATL institution. 404-874-1388
  • West Egg: A leisurely breakfast that never disappoints. Order anything with eggs in the name. 404-872-3973
  • Waffle House: Have you been? If not, you gotta go. Get some change or small bills, cause you're gonna wanna play the jukebox. A Southern icon, and a place everyone should visit. 404-823-8358  
  • Mashburn Coffee: Best coffee in Atlanta – we think. Last year we expanded our Atlanta flagship to include a coffee bar, that, along with great coffee, serves awesome bites & pastries from one of our favorites, Alon's Bakery. 404-350-7135



  • Sid & Ann Mashburn: My wife, Ann, and I have shops where we sell all the good stuff, from awesome shirts & jeans, to the best suits & shoes that you haven't seen. Come shop with us! Or just hang out. We've always got cold drinks and great music – and you can request your own tunes. 404-350-7135
  • Warby Parker: A brick & mortar rendition of the website that made eyeglasses-shopping cool. 470-548-1721
  • Bungalow Classic: Randy & Courtney have some of the best taste in home goods in Atlanta & beyond. 404-351-9120
  • Hudson Grace: Beautiful tabletop goods and modern essentials abound... it's their first location outside of California. 404-351-7501
  • Perrine's: Wine for watching the game, or well, anytime. Cool French shop that's as curated as it is approachable from some of the best Sommeliers in town. 404-254-5077
  • East Fork: Our new neighbor! Beautiful ceramic dinnerware from the Blue Ridge Mountains, c/o their original (instantly popular) Asheville location. 678-263-0480
  • Seed Factory: A great assortment of gifts for babies, toddlers & big kids. And maybe more importantly, their parents. 404-355-2043
  • Le Jardin: Pocket-sized Parisian flower shop that happens to double as an international garden design firm. To state the obvious, we're lucky to have them as neighbors. 404-792-1680 ext. 1
  • Dixon Rye: Raw and refined emporium for those that love interiors. 404-883-3939



  • Taqueria del Sol: Tacos in Atlanta – fo sho! The queso does the rest of the menu. Just get there early to beat the line.  404-352-5811
  • JCT Kitchen: Bustling dining room with Ford Fry's elevated Southern fare. Just right for food & vibe. 404-355-2252
  • Little Star: Westside pioneer (& James Beard winner) Anne Quatrano's sandwich counter. The shrimp po'boy just might be Atlanta's – & America's – best. 404-365-0410
  • Yeah! Burger: A modern burger spot with a build-your-own menu with something for everyone, including vegans & those with food allergies. 404-496-4393
  • Upbeet: If bowls are your thing (grain bowls! smoothie bowls! yogurt bowls!) – look no further. 404-347-1071
  • Chick-fil-A: Whaddaya gotta know? Insider tip... the original Chick-fil-A (The Dwarf House) is a few miles south of Mercedes-Benz Stadium, in Hapeville. 404-762-1746
  • Wagaya: Legit ramen in a cozy but bustling space on 14th. Our HQ staff's to-go go-to for lunch. 470-575-5799
  • Jeni's Ice Cream: Don't forget dessert! Ice cream that transcends the category - this stuff is unreal. The "Brown Butter Almond Brittle" is a house favorite, but there's not a bad flavor in there. 404-355-6050



  • College Football Hall of Fame: An appropriate appetizer to the big game... a (long) stone's throw from the stadium. 404-880-4800
  • Georgia Aquarium: An American institution – the foundational piece to Downtown Atlanta's development. And the largest aquarium in the US. It's surprisingly very cool. 404-581-4000
  • Skyview Ferris Wheel: Atlanta's version of the London Eye. Smaller, but perhaps no better view of Downtown (or better place for a selfie). 678-949-9023
  • The High MuseumRichard Meier-designed art museum. And if you can't get into the sold-out Infinity Mirrors exhibit, we think it's at least worth dropping by the Lichtenstein house on the lawn. 404-733-4400
  • MODA Great design for great daydreaming. 404-979-6455 
  • Nouvelle Nail Salon An airy, modern spot for manicures & pedicures — if anyone in your group needs their nails done before the game, this is the place. Plus, they have mimosas on Sundays. 404-835-7839 
  • Painted Duck Duck in out of the cold. Pun intended! Modern cocktails meet old-world games – shuffleboard, toad in the hole, and yes – duckpin bowling. 404-352-0048  



  • Antico Pizza: The Godfather of Neapolitan pizza in Atlanta (Giovanni di Palma) has brought Naples to Atlanta. Expect to eat in the kitchen on communal tables with Italian opera turned to 11. The pizza's only a 12. 404-724-2333
  • Le Fat: A super cool Vietnamese brasserie with a French-Colonial backdrop. Dine at the bar. Get the drunken noodles, but don't get drunk. 404-439-9850
  • The Optimist: Soaring seafood emporium (with a secret weapon oyster bar). At its essence, a fine dining fish camp. Named one of America's best new restaurants in years past. 404-477-6260
  • Miller Union: Atlanta's latest James Beard-winning restaurant. Southern, sophisticated and simple... a tricky trifecta to pull off.  678-733-8550
  • Northside Tavern: Untouched! For a shot to calm the nerves (or for swilling a cold one and playing pool) before kick-off, visit one of Atlanta's best “do drop inns.” 404-874-8745
  • Marcel: Atlanta Restaurateur Ford Fry's excellent take on a French steakhouse. Simple & elegant, it feels like going back in time in the best possible way. 404-665-4555