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There’s something a little bit mythic about a navy blazer... something that can be tough to define. It’s more than just “made in Italy” (though ours is), it’s more than just having beautiful fabric (though ours does), it’s more than expert stitching (though most of ours is by hand), and it’s even more than a full canvas (though ours is made that way). In the end, these are just features. The navy blazer is so classic, so iconic, such a symbol of manhood, that it kinda transcends all those things… it’s more than the sum of its parts. Our navy blazer has heart in it – Sid’s, our Master Tailor Dau’s, the craftsmens’ over in Naples who sew each breast pocket against their knees for the perfect rounded shape. It’s designed to take you from Mississippi to Manhattan to Milan, and back again, without looking out of place. Long story short, the navy blazer is quintessential — it can do it all. It transforms a day into an occasion, a closet into a wardrobe, a guy into a man. And you know what? We think every guy needs one.

These are our favorite navies — incredible, durable, three-to-four-season fabrics. Each one holds its shape beautifully whether you’re working, traveling, or just knocking around. You’d have to work pretty hard to rumple a blazer made of one of these.

A 60/40 cotton/wool blend developed just for us. It’s on the sportier end of the spectrum, but still 100% office-appropriate. And the leno texture means you can really throw it around without losing any polish.

English fresco has a slightly open (read: breathable) weave – for us, it’s the fabric that started it all. It's a type of high-twist wool, so it's fine, smooth, and really resilient... the threads just spring back into place.

A little crunchy and a little hairy, but still quite soft, with a nice weight to it. The mohair adds a very slight sheen to the surface, which means that you can take it a little more formal.

For us, the navy jacket is about a lot more than fabric and thread. We stepped into Sid’s office to hear it straight from him. (PS - he's wearing the leno hopsack.)

We talk a lot about “full canvas” construction, in part because it’s not so common. Most tailored clothing on the market is made by gluing a fusible interlining to the fabric shell of the jacket, and that’s okay — it’s cost-effective, it’s efficient, and it means that the jacket keeps its shape. But for us, it’s a little too synthetic. It means that the blazer will never truly break in. So we take a pretty hard stance on this one: none of our jackets — from the no-canvas, unconstructed No. 1 to the full-canvas No. 3, which is our bread and butter as far as makes go— none of these are made with a fused construction, ever. They never will be.

And so for us, full canvas construction is the mark of a really great blazer — we tend to call it the sine qua non of tailoring. With this process, the interlining is made of very light canvas, and it floats inside the jacket, sandwiched between the fabric and the lining. Over time, it’ll mold and shape to your body as you wear it, becoming as unique to you as your best-loved pair of jeans. (And if you’re the kind of guy whose date gets cold, this makes it extra romantic when you let her wear your jacket.)

Of course, this doesn’t mean that it has a perfect fit the moment you put it on. But it can! And it will! We offer lifetime alterations with every piece of clothing we sell. Some gratis, some a little extra. So if you have a barrel chest, off-kilter posture, disproportionately long arms, or any general fit challenges that make an off-the-rack blazer difficult... well, we have really incredible tailors for that. We’ll take care of it. And we’ll make you look great.

Almost everything — we can’t think of a more versatile piece. It’ll take you through any climate, any occasion, and any combination of the two. From first date to fortieth date, dissertation defense to dog show, board meeting to opening night of La Boheme... just one navy blazer will take you pretty much anywhere. You can riff forever, but we gave you a few combinations to get started — click into each look for the full formula.