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The Mashburn Shoe Shine Playbook

"I can’t leave the house without my teeth brushed and my shoes shined." — Sid

Shoes: figuratively and literally the foundation of your wardrobe – and taking care of them says a lot about who you are. And when you know the basics, shining your shoes isn't hard. Think of it more as your duty as a man, rather than a torqued-up artisanal technique. Everyone can do it (and everyone should do it.) So here is our advice on taking care of your shoes, whether they're bargain-basement or benchmade. It’s a great starting point, but don’t overthink it — The coolest thing about shining your shoes is that it’s both dead simple and deeply personal. Just as everyone's foot is a little different, everyone's shoes wear a little differently. . . you'll figure out your own rhythm in time.



Always use a shoehorn when putting on your shoes to avoid damaging the back.

Always store your shoes with shoe trees — they absorb the moisture and help the shape recover properly. It's like a good night's sleep for your shoes.

Monitor the heel and sole over time. When either gets too thin or worn, we are happy to help you find the best place to get them repaired and back in rotation. (We've got some ideas...)

Be vigilant with repair — if one part of your shoes is damaged, it can speed up the wear of all the others.

When your shoes get wet, stuff — don't cram — them with crumpled-up newspaper to draw out the extra water and keep the shape.

Keep them in rotation — especially if you're wearing sans socks. We love an everyday uniform, but alternating your shoes, if you can, will increase the life of the sole, the insides, and the entire pair.


We are more than happy to field any question under the sun (what if I walk through a monsoon? what if I spill salad dressing on my suede shoes?) Just drop us a line — we'll take care of you.