Blackwing Pencil Set

Black/White Eraser


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Blackwing pencil fans range from Leonard Bernstein to Faye Dunaway and everyone in between — John Steinbeck literally called it the best he’s ever had. The original Blackwing was first produced in the 1930s as a premium pencil — you can tell by the gold hardware, the flat eraser, the unusual ferrule, and the prominent logo. Discontinued in the 1990s and sought-after ever since, the original Blackwing is back for good. And more important than a cool history or famous fans is the functionality: it really is a premium pencil. And it looks great on your desk. The black version is a softer-than-original version designed specifically for artists.

The Specs

soft and smooth graphite core
matte black finish
removable & replaceable white eraser

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